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Texas Tower Cleaning (VCFE)

Texas Tower Cleaning (VCFE)

With low emissions, minimal environmental impact and high energy efficiency the The Vertical Combined Feed Exchanger (also known as a CCR Platformer, reformer or Texas Tower) is an environmentally friendly piece of heat transfer equipment found on refining and petrochemical plants throughout the world. The function of the Texas Tower process is to efficiently convert paraffins and naphthenese to aromatics with as little ring opening or cracking as possible.

As a clean exchanger, The Texas Tower need only be cleaned every 7 – 10 years (minimum), upholding a steady and high grade performance. Problems can occur when its performance does start to fall; this is a gradual procedure that usually goes unnoticed.

As a very clean heat exchanger, the lack of knowledge regarding Texas Tower Cleaning (due to its absence of the need to be cleaned), means operators can become worried on who to ask for advice on how to clean them. Standard Cleaning Contractors will not usually have experience of Texas Tower Cleaning

vcfe texas tower tube face

The challenges for refineries and petrochemical operators when faced with a fouled Texas Tower or indeed any unusually long exchanger are numerous. Challenges include accessibility, safety, unknown fouling characteristics, fouling location, associated costs and risks with pulling.
Since Texas Towers are cleaned so infrequently it is essential that when they are taken off line for cleaning they are cleaned fast, safely and most importantly effectively with the “right methods”.  Operators need to challenge their industrial cleaning contractors constantly and particularly when the heat transfer equipment is critical path. Texas Towers are difficult to clean but building mock ups, using 3D animations to demonstrate techniques and arriving on site with a number of back up techniques has led to Tube Tech Internationl becoming a worldwide ‘expert’ in the cleaning of these huge structures.

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