UHP water jetting

Enhanced and innovative High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting

High pressure and Ultra High Press water jetting are part of a broad range of tools employed by Tube Tech.  Also known as hydroblasting or water jet cutting, UHP water jetting is a very sensitive cleaning technique across the industry.

In order to standardise cleaning operations and surface preparation specifications, the Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC) has adopted the following four definitions for cleaning operations using water jetting technology:

  • Low-pressure water cleaning (LP WC) uses water pressure less than 5,000 psi (34 MPa);
  • High-pressure water cleaning (HP WC) uses water pressure between 5,000 to 10,000 psi (34 to 70 MPa);
  • High-pressure water jetting (HP WJ) uses water pressure between 10,000 to 25,000 psi (70 to 170 MPa);
  • Ultrahigh-pressure water jetting uses pressures above 25,000 psi (170 MPa).

Tube Tech adopts an innovative approach

Tube Tech use UHP Water Jetting in its applications and have taken the use of UHP Water Jetting to an entirely new level by manipulating water in new ways, Tube Tech are able to achieve incredible results across many different applications, including:

Fired Heater Cleaning
Fired Heater Furnace Cleaning
Flare Line Cleaning
Furnace Cleaning
Heat Exchanger Cleaning
Texas Tower Cleaning
Twisted Tube Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Why use Tube Tech for your UHP Water Jetting project?

It is of course possible for anyone can buy a water jetting pump along with a couple of lances and call themselves a uhp water jetting contractor.   Tube Tech are different, because of the innovative way in which we use high pressure water jetting to achieve outstanding results.

Cleaning and de-scaling equipment has changed very little over the past decades.  The low-tech approach of uhp water jetting or water blasting has kept it as a low skilled job with largely unimpressive, variable results stigmatizing the industry and making customers believe it is a cheap, non-intellectual industry. For the past 20 years Tube Tech have been designing and developing better, faster and more cost effective ways to use high pressure water jetting in industrial cleaning bringing the industry into a different era – showing that with more thought and imagination incredible results can be achieved.

An historical reliance on low-tech, low skill water jetting has meant that clients across the world have simply accepted that the cleaning results by their local contractors are the best that can be achieved.

Tube Tech is a member of the Water Jetting Association

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Twisted Tube™ Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Twisted Tube™ Heat Exchanger Cleaning – Shell and Tube Side

Recognised as a challenging task, Twisted Tube™ Heat Exchanger cleaning is a specialist cleaning challenge which Tube Tech International has frequently solved.

The unusual design of Twisted Tube™ Heat Exchangers means that traditional cleaning techniques such as standard high pressure water jetting and standard chemical cleaning cannot remove all of the deposit gathered within the tube and shell side of the exchangers.

Twisted Tube™ Heat Exchangers generally have 40% higher Heat Transfer contemporary for the same pressure drop as Conventional Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers. Twisted Tubes support themselves, so baffles are not needed. As the tubes are supported by various contact points, decreasing the turbulence results in no dead spots and with faith that fouling will be diminished.

Shell Side Fouling and the Tube Side deposits can be troublesome to eliminate using Traditional High Pressure Water Jetting or Chemicals. These Exchangers accommodate ‘cleaning lanes’. However, the task of cleaning can be laborious if blocked with deposits.

Tube Tech International presents an exceptional cleaning approach for Shell Side Twisted Tube™ Heat Exchanger Cleaning. Tube Tech also uses remote technology that fully progresses through the cleaning lanes and channels, infiltrating the scale and also abolishing all blockages within the Tube Bundles. Twisted Tube™ Heat Exchanger Cleaning on the twisted tube bore is executed by using a technology that expands during cleaning to the diameter and Tube Twist configuration.