IRIS Inspection – Enhanced Cleaning Techniques

Guaranteed* Tube Cleaning Ready for IRIS Inspection Standard

The International Rotational Inspection System or ‘IRIS’ (an ultrasonic engagement pulse echo analysis technology), administers an exceedingly detailed inspection conclusion. Its performance towards this is gained by its tube dimensions and cleanliness. It can detect a 1.5mm irregularity in tubes up to 1 inch in diameter.

IRIS is compatible with both Ferromagnetic and Non-Ferromagnetic tubes, implementing a three dimensional image of the irregularity. Tubes should be clean for a successful IRIS inspection.

Offering its Enhanced Cleaning assistance, Tube Tech International are able to present an unmatched service to clients in search of cleaning tubes. IRIS’s flawless ultrasonic features will only work to an upstanding degree if the tube itself is completely clean. IRIS is used to inspect, drill, polish and de-scale tubes through even the minimalist diameter nozzle.

Operators are often faced with the following scenario:

  • Cleaning contractors clean heat transfer equipment tubes
  • IRIS inspection company arrives to inspection tubes
  • Tubes are not clean enough for IRIS inspection
  • Cleaning contractors have to return to clean tubes again
  • IRIS inspectors asked to return to hopefully successfully inspect tubes

Tube Tech’s guaranteed enhanced cleaning for IRIS inspection reduces the above by three steps i.e. tubes are cleaned ready for IRIS inspection the first time, thus saving operators both significant amounts of time and significant sums of money.

Contact Tube Tech International today to discuss your next tube cleaning contract.

IRIS Inspection Services


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