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Heat Exchanger CleaningAdvanced Techniques to Remove Shell Side Fouling

An essential contribution towards efficiency maintenance and the reduction of running cost is keeping plant equipment free of debris. Cleaning of the External Shell Side needs to be conducted frequently, but can initiate further problems if heat exchanger cleaning is done inaccurately.

The deviances of maintaining cleanliness of a Heat Exchanger are subject to the application. Sticky layers of Polymer are left behind by certain cleaning processes, whilst others construct solid deposits which require particular cleaning techniques. Ultra-High Pressure Water Jets are used to clean The External Shell Side within Heat Exchangers.

The deposits can cause extreme problems when done wrongly, as they can group together in areas that are harder to reach and can create bigger and harder cleaning tasks. This can then lead to devastation and damage of the Heat Exchanger.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning - External Side

Cleaning the External Shell Side must be met in a two-stage movement. It is vital to canvass the tube bundles and shell sides pre and post cleaning. This will help establish that all debris is removed without damage. Specialist cameras must be enforced where internal cleaning is restricted / impossible to ensure that debris has been effectively extracted.

TubeTech sufficiently engage in External Shell Side Cleaning of Heat Exchangers by applying their advanced ‘ShellJeTT™’ cleaning technology. This appliance has contributed to many industrial businesses. In conjunction with this, their exclusive ‘BladeSpec™’ Inspection System (one of the thinnest investigation cameras in the world) is also offered by TubeTech.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning


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