flare line cleaning

Flare Line Cleaning

In-situ and On-line Flare Line Cleaning

Flares are crucial safety devices used within the refining and petrochemical industries. During flaring excess hydrocarbon gases are mixed with steam and/or air to create water vapour and carbon dioxide.

Flare lines are often difficult to access as the flare line system often comprises a complex of pipework passing through the whole refinery or petrochemical plant. Much of this pipework is suspended on gantries about 4.6 m above ground making the logistics of flare line cleaning.

Safety is a key concern during every specialist industrial cleaning contract. Pyrophoric iron sulphide, hydrocarbon condensates and gases in the line present a risk of fire and explosive chemical components means that no oxygen can enter the flare line system and no gas can escape during flare line cleaning.

Created by Tube Tech International, their bespoke seal copes with Temperatures and Pressures inside ‘Flare Lines’, prohibiting Oxygen and Spark ingress and the release of toxic gases. The next step is then cleaning, accomplished by high-pressure jetting lances, constructed to be heat and scratch resilient when introduced into small entry points on the Flare Line.

Secure video probes for Visual Analysis are used to relay images post and pre cleaning. Tube Tech cultivates a Video Archive of intelligence on Flare Line Cleaning. They are fully able to exhibit their cleaning capabilities of Flare Lines anywhere on the globe.

flare line cleaning

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